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Plastic Repair Class
  • Liposuction repair

    Treatment after plastic repair

    1. Safe operation. Calf liposuction uses liposuction equipment to enter subcutaneous tissue through a small skin incision. Liposuction is a safe and simple operation.
    2. The effect is not easy to rebound for a long time. As the number of liposuction fat cells decreased, so that the leg liposuction is not easy to rebound.
    3. No side effects. Calf liposuction is safe and reliable.
    4. Fast operation. The operation was completed in 2 hours, but the fat was fast and the operation time was short.
  • Breast augmentation

    Characteristics of plastic prosthetics in South Korea

    1. Fast and efficient: it only takes a few minutes; the effect is obvious after injection.
    2. Safety: basically no side effects; FDA, CE, SFDA certification.
    3. No pain, no trace: no bleeding, no pain, no scar.
    4. Flexible way: flexible use of point, spring, tile, fan injection techniques.
    5. One person one policy: for different consumers, use different methods and suitable hyaluronic acid.
  • Rhinoplasty

    Repair time after plastic surgery failure

    1. Precise design: professional doctors follow the aesthetic standard of chin in chin plastic surgery, and accurately calculate the angle and length of chin in combination with the facial features of the subject. Using the advanced computer-aided system, the designed chin shape is examined from all angles and all directions, so that the subject can obtain the most satisfactory chin shape.
    2. Safe and reliable: the injection product has passed the safety certification, will not have the rejection reaction to the human body, has good compatibility, and is safe and reliable.
    3. The postoperative effect is significant: chin augmentation surgery can also effectively correct the deformity, shape a beautiful chin, and improve the face shape.
  • Eye Repair

    Reasons for failure:

    1.Preoperative scheme design error
    2.Improper treatment after
    3.Rough blasting during operation
    4.Physical problems of patients
    5.Improper postoperative care
Plastic Repair Knowledge