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Double eyelid is one of the signs of beautiful eyes. Over the years, many beauty lovers have carried out different kinds of double eyelid surgery in order to pursue double eyelid.How wide does double eyelid surgery need to be cut? Click consult doctor]However, there is not only one kind of
The most beautiful body is not only concave and convex, but also smooth. However, most people can't reach it. The flesh body makes people frustrated. However, thanks to the advanced plastic technology, obese people can choose hydrodynamic liposuction to change their body shape, so t
Doctor, why did I have my eyelids cut? My eyes are still ugly!Jian'an plastic surgery theater (do you feel familiar with such scenes)Doctor: in addition to single eyelid, your eyes also have severe inner canthus and slight ptosis. We suggest that you can combine the operation of inne
Slim and tall can more reflect a person's elegant temperament, especially for women, who can fully embody this elegance with every move. But most of the women kill their grace because their arms are too thick.The arm is usually thick because the upper arm is wide at the top
Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from obesity. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the problem of over nutrition has gradually escalated into a problem of the whole people. The part of the body that is most likely to accumulate fat is the wa