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Shenzhen Jian'an hospital Beauty Clinic
In 2017, Dr.Li Tianshi initiated the establishment of Shenzhen Jian'an Medical Cosmetic Clinic. Jianan means to build a safe and secure medical environment, which we hope to provide patients with safe, secure, and high-quality medical aesthetic services.

Aiming at building a safe medical environment, we not only have a strong medical team and pay attention to the details, but also have more advanced medical facilities in Guangdong. Our efforts will bring an intuitive experience to patients! Our clinic is located in Xiangmihu Area, with convenient transportation and comfortable environment.

address:Lilinyuan Suiteshop 103-5, Hongli West Rd, Futian district, Shenzhen

tel:0755-82794494     23483536   82798096      

Bus routes:70、73、107、108、326、328、374、B611、M312、M500 Zhuyuan primary school station

Metro Line:Exit C or D1 of Nonglin Station on Line 7