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In 2017, Dr.Li Tianshi initiated the establishment of Shenzhen Jian'an Medical Cosmetic Clinic. Jianan means to build a safe and secure medical environment, which we hope to provide patients with safe, secure, and high-quality medical aesthetic services.


Jian'an Medical Cosmetic Clinic covers an area of 1,000m2, has an elegant environment and advanced facilities. It is equipped with 3 laminar flow operating rooms with a laminar flow level of up to one hundred levels. The OR can not only perform high-level orthopedic implant surgery, but also can perform higher-level orthopedic hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery and other aseptic requirements of higher levels of sterility. The OR is also equipped with an intraoperative camera system, which can perform surgical observation and remote consultation. Our disinfection center has advanced high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization equipment, as well as plasma low-temperature sterilization equipment, which fully guarantees the physical and mental health of our patients.


Aiming at building a safe medical environment, we not only have a strong medical team and pay attention to the details, but also have more advanced medical facilities in Guangdong. Our efforts will bring an intuitive experience to patients! Our clinic is located in Xiangmihu Area, with convenient transportation and comfortable environment.